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Martin Milnes

Google Sheets & Excel Developer

I am a freelance specialist developer working on Excel VBA and Google Sheets Javascript since 2007.

I had a career for over thirty five years as a software engineer, with a focus on revenue and access control systems.

Now I play in and manage The Curious LITTLE big Band – The Cotswolds’ Leading Show Band for weddings and parties, and I am creating another band to rock the folk music world.

Examples of my work.


The most exciting feature of this spreadsheet is that the Javascript code in the background can work out the allocations automatically itself and fill in the spreadsheet. Alternatively, you can complete the whole sheet manually or by combination of manual and automatic.

Simply follow the instructions in the yellow highlighted cells. Setting the date determines the day of the week and selects the appropriate template of fixed allocations. Next, any changes to routes required, drivers and coaches available are set. You can set any specific requirements for the day in the green zone. Dropdown menus, that change dynamically, show you the routes that need allocation and the drivers and coaches available.

Finally, use the menu selection to complete the spreadsheet automatically (or complete it manually). Then print the AM and PM sheets for the noticeboard.

Possible development: The sheets could be sent to drivers as PDF attachments in an email. The sheets could be posted to a website to be viewed by drivers on a smart phone.


The most exciting feature of this spreadsheet is the direct communication by email with clients and suppliers. This spreadsheet was originally developed in Microsoft Excel / VBA some years ago. It was completely recreated in Google Sheets in 2018. It sends the following by email when selected in the bespoke drop down menu:

  • Sales invoice to the client.
  • Sales invoice to the warranty company.
  • Purchase invoice to the supplier.
  • Purchase invoice into the business email for the file copy.
  • Follow up letter offering an introductory commission with separate referral slips.
  • End of month report directly to the bookkeeper.


I really appreciate Martin’s easy communication and helpful attitude. The problem solving has been great. As an unexpected bonus Martin has made many valuable suggestions, as an example we are now able to automatically process data within Google Sheets for our daily work schedules. This was done entirely manually taking anything from 15 minutes, often longer. This is now done in less than a minute. Good news for us as we can now get on with those jobs that cannot be automated.

My spreadsheet is without doubt my most important tool for sales admin. Martin recently redeveloped our old Excel spreadsheet into Google Sheets. It now directly sends out letters and invoices by PDF attachments to emails. It also sends my Bookkeeper’s report directly by email and also directly emails my warranty service provider. So smart and simple. Previously, I had to print and post documents or generate the PDFs and emails manually myself. Martin has given unstinting support over the years and is constantly pro-active in implementing improvements.

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